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Oct 7, 2003
Lizton, IN
For the last two years I have been using Cabela's Gun and Bow pack. Now it's ok, but I have two major problems with it:
1) The gun carry system is useless if you want to access your gun with any speed
2) I am very fit (5'10", 150-155lbs, 31" waist) and this pack will not adjust small enough so that more than very light loads ride on my waist. The pack rides down and kills my shoulders.

My curiosity was peaked by the posts on here about Eberlestock packs so I clicked on the ad link on this site. I must say I am impressed, from the descriptions at least. Initially, I am looking between the J107 and Black Widow. I'm going to list my priority features and would appreciate any advise from those with experience using these packs:

1) Must be adjustable to place the load on the hips of a 31" waist!!!
2) Have a detachable pack for dropping the load and going on fast stalks/scouting trips
3) Capable of packing out as much meat as I can physically handle (3000cu in or more internal)
4) Carry a Remington Sendero with 50mm Nikon tactical scope and tall (H?) Harris bipod attached
5) Able to carry a bow that is quickly accessible or able to do so with an accessory
6) Hydration bladder
7) Carry cold weather mummy bag

From appearances, both the J107 and Black Widow can meet these critera, although the Black Widow would need the added scabbard. However I have no familiarity with the scabbards on these packs and am concerned if the bipod must be detached. It kind of defeats the quick accessibility of the gun if I have to drop the pack, dig out the bipod and screw it on.

Thanks in advance...
I'd reccomend the 107. Call Eberlestock about the waistbelt. I have the 104 and a 32" waist and have to tighten the waistbelt about as small as it will go, but the newer packs have waistbelts in different sizes. As far as the scabbard, your rifle will fit. No problem. My stick with a 56mm scope and Harris bipod fits just fine. Eberlestock makes great packs. You'll love he 107.
Hello, I'm your size + 5lbs. and can cinch up the Gunslinger pack just fine. There's probably 3 or 4" left to go. In the summer when scouting and keeping in shape I will often get down to my boxers and still be ok. My rifle with a big scope and Harris bi-pod fit fine. The Gunslinger has the largest scabbard, but the pack does not break down to a fannypack. It'll carry 2 large bladders. It's a bit heavy, but if you're in shape no biggy.
Eberlestock makes three different size waist belts. My wife ordered the small for her J104 (her waist is smaller than yours) and it fits her much better than the standard size they come with. BTW, you can switch the waistbands on the older J104's as well...the same way as the new packs. I have the J104 (same internal size as the J107 I believe) and it will carry more meat than I really want to carry.
I just bought the J107, received it today, looks awesome. Havent used it yet, but looks very promising, and functional. Just because of the opinions I read in this webpage I decided to go with J107, dont regret it at all. Looking forward on carrying in it a big buck out of the mountain.:D
I appreciate all the information and feedback. It'll be a few months before I order but I'm pretty sold on the J107.
Take a look at nimrod packs, many options, they also make stuff for fire fighters, I HAVE 2 one for bow and one for rifle
I went with the Blue Widow (J109) and purchased the rifle scabbard as extra. One of the things I like about the J109 set up is that the scabbard can be set centered in the pack, right along your spine. Just seems to fit me better. As far as the scabbard working with your rifle, in particular the scope and Harris bi-pods, I'm not sure. scope shouldn't be a problem, but the bi-pods may be a tight fit. An alternative you can look at with the J109 (really like the versatility) is to look at the wider Tactical Weapon scabbard, designed for all the variations of military tactical firearms out there... it'll fit anything. and will fit into the sleeve of the J109.
I have used the J107 for a couple years. It's a great pack with plenty of adjustment, both in the waist and the shoulder height. I don't use a Harris, but yours should fit just fine.

When you are in the market, give the guys at the Outdoorsmans a call (800-291-8065). They carry Eberlestock, as well as Badlands, and they designed their own external-frame pack that wears like an internal-frame pack.
I use the Eberlestock gunslinger. It's good for an overnight stay in the boonies, but a longer stay will require a bigger pack. I just wish the pack itself weighed a little less. The trade-off for quality is weight.
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