East TN shooter checkin' in


Jan 1, 2010
Hello, I just found your site a few days ago and I'm i nteretsed in what you folks are doing along the lines of putting together a long range hunting rifle.

Thanks for having me aboard.

Welcome, glad to have you here. What did you have in mind for a LR build? What distance capability do you want your rig to be able to shoot? Are you wanting to shoot paper, game (type of game) or both. Lots of good folks and lots of good info here. Enjoy.
Thanks for the welcome,
Looking at something to shoot deer to 600 yds. or so, I also do some coyote hunting so i am looking at a smaller caliber, maybe 243 to 308.

I understand that the SD on something like a 6.5 x 55 is high and that type of cartridge is also attractive. I have a 243 in a 700 SPS, hunter wieght 24" barrel and a 308 in a pre 64, model70 lightweight, and neither of these seemed like good candidates for a starting point. Barrel length and weight is also an issue, short stiff, long and heavy, sporter weight?

There is a lot of conversation about the Savage with the new stock.........so I am looking to gathering all the info and advice I can find in order to make a decision.

Chas1, I have a lot of questions and a small data base.

Thanks again for the welcome
Out to 600 yards, deer and coyote...I think one of anyone of the many could handle both. The 243 you have is just fine for coyote...and deer although out to 600 yards I wouldn't reccomend it. You could go with as you mentioned a 6.5mm and that would be more than enough for both at 600.
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