Hello from East TN


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Oct 8, 2012
Hello everyone,

I currently live in East TN, I have been shooting long range, reloading, researching, always learning and absorbing any new information I can find for the past 11 years. Right now I am restarting college after a short life sabbatical due to health issues.

I started at 19yrs old with a Custom built .308 and long range shooting just hooked me like a bass and reeled me in! Now close to 30, I know more about long range shooting and building precision rifles than any other hobbie in my life. In these last 11 years this has always been, well my first, go to website for Q&A's, new gear, new loads, just the best collection of new information from great people who share the same hobbie I love.

Look forward to answering, posting, networking, reading new stories, and just seeing what new projects others are working on.

Greg W.
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