Durakoat/Cerakote pics wanted


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Dec 18, 2008
New Bern, NC
I am trying to decide which colors to choose for my rifle build. I went to the website and they had the interactive pistol color thingy, but I want to see what the real rifles look like. I was wondering if the members and smiths would post some pics of their guns that they had painted to help myself and maybe someone in the future choose! I was thinking around the flat dark earth and OD Green, but not sure how the color scheme will look on the rifle. This will be a hunting rifle so looking for hunting colors. Although a buddy of mine tried telling me to get it blaze orange so I don't have to wear a vest lol:D Thanks in advance for the pics!
Painted this last week. Tactical (Flat) OD Green Duracoat...

I'm really pleased with how it turned out.


I too use Durakoat and love the product. It lays flat and applies way easy. I love to mix flat black with woodland green to make what I call Shadow black which is just mean in the dark or as a background for some light natural foliage highlights. give me a shot at my Yahoo account and I will send you some picks. [email protected]. you can hit me at blackgunsandgundogs.com too that will have one photo of my 6.5 mauser but more will be posted soon. for the money though go with durakoat. get a can of 235c reducer from napa to clean up with though.




Remember PROPER surface preparation before Duracoating, it really affect the finish durability.

The above finish is base colour Woodland Tan with dark spots WWII Olive Green.

With WWII Olive Green you can made a wide spectre of colours. Add same amount of white as hardener and you'll have a very nice, subtle green. Picture below is a barrel with said mix next to a blued for comparison.

In this thread http://www.longrangehunting.com/forums/f19/pics-my-new-lr-rifle-build-47613/ is more pictures etc of the Duracoating and work on this rifle
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This is probably a stupid question but I don't know so I will ask anyway.

How durable is this stuff? I'm considering having my 6-284, blued receiver stainless barrel, painted in something like a flat black kinda maybe like how my Rem. LTR is. Do I have to be careful not to nick, bump or whatever with it after it's painted? Last thing I want is to have little spots here an there where it rubbed off or chipped off. Again, my ignorance is showing bright but that's ok cause I need to know.

Remove bluing with fine sandpaper or sandblasting, degrease, degrease and degrease and Duracoat will be almost as durable as bluing and completely maintenance free.
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Nothing very spectacular to offer, but I have 3 rifles that have been duracoated in UK by Jager Sporting, and I am pleased with the results:

Sako75 - 7-08 in Parker Grey



Tikka 595 - 260 in Parker Grey



Lawton 700 - 6.5x55 in FN Green and Flectarn for the Manners Stock.


The permutations are endless !



Has anyone used the clea coat I would likely install a SS barrel but I am not very excited about screwing a SS barrel into a blued receiver. Will it work to stripping the receiver bluing and use a clear Duracoat to in effect more closely match the receiver to the barrel?
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