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  • I'm heading for Tx. at 6am thurs morning. We'll be there until the following monday and the plan is to hunt zebra, addax, oryx, and pigs. My wife really wants to spotlight for pigs. lol I've never bear hunted over east but have been wanting to for some time now. It looks perfect for the type of hunting that I like to do. Lots of good glassing and long shots. When we get back from Tx. we're going to try the SW spring tag. I did some depredation work down on the south coast but I really don't want to drive that far so I'd imagine we'll stay somewhere between Eugene and Florence if possible. A friend of mine has a couple good spots to hunt. On days that he can't go, I'll just grab the binos and a map and hope. lol
    Did you make it to Texas yet? How was it?
    I just read your post below. Yes I bear hunt alot in Eastern Oregon on the Breaks of the Snake River in Hells Canyon. Theres a pile of bears there. Lots of color phase too
    where are you from?
    did u attend to oregon state univ?
    coz u looks familiar. i was in the oregon state univ during 2002-2005
    Well, thanks for the kind words but honestly, I just spend too much time in the woods. I have grown up here and that is the biggest help to me since my Dad had me in the woods since I could walk. I spend summer in the woods glassing and figure out where and what, when season comes, I just go and sit and wait for what I know is there from previous scouting. Finding the big bucks is easy around July/August because they are orange and stand out so well. Bear season is a great time to scout/hunt. Unfortunately, they keep locking gates around here and its getting harder and harder to have more than one or two good spots to hunt. This summer I'm going to try and find some good elk areas up in the high country because I have a feeling fire danger is going to lock us out of a lot of the lower stuff this year. The bad news is that since my youngest got to fill my doe tag with the mentor youth program, she wants to fill all my tags now and I can't say no. lol Do you do any bear hunting?
    I think youll do well here at L/R/H. You have the ''rig'' to do the job with, and the ability to make it perform, from what I saw on your pics post. Ive hunted all over from Banks ,and Vernonia, to the breaks that drop to the coast and never once got anything worth talking about. They ate good, but WOW what a pain in the ...... Rotten weather, going Way past where any sane person would go, putting untold amounts of miles and hard work into it for 5 years for a nice Rosie and a nice Blacktail. The old addage about the more you put in the more you get out.....ya right! ANY animal in that country is a trophy to me, but youve got some dandys. I'm quite impressed!
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