Dropping in an Accutrigger????


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Apr 23, 2011
Southeast PA
This is a total noobie question, but I am looking for a Savage M11 in 7mm-08 and I saw one at DICK'S for $389. However, it did not have an accutrigger, and that is the main reason I want a Savage. A buddy of mine has a complete Accutrigger assembly, and I was wondering if one can simply install a factory Accutrigger in a factory Savage that does not come with an Accutrigger?

I know that you cannot "easily" install an Accutrigger in a Stevens, but I'm not sure that we are comparing apples to apples with this rifle at DICK's.

Any help?
Savage and pre accutrigger Steven are virtually the same rifle.

Yes it can be done but it is no way drop in.
Someone described the process a few years ago on another board.
If I can find it I'll post unless someone replies with the info.

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