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  1. longtines

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    Mar 7, 2011
    Do the people who have installed the dropaway rest on their tac elites feel it was an improvement? Is this a wise choice for hunting situations?
  2. OkieBowie

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    Aug 28, 2010
    I feel it was an improvement. But, I can't say how much of an improvement because I made several major changes at same time.
    1) Drop way rest
    2) Timney Trigger
    3) Split upper rail to allow shooting of three vane arrows
    4) a} Changed to Firenock AeroVane fletchings
    b} Changed to Firenock Shafts (Aerobolt II 200)
    c} Changed to Firenocks D-style plain knocks

    I have had no problems using drop-away rest on my TAC 15i for hunting.

    The current limitation on my customized TAC-15i and arrows' accuracy is 3x scope. The scope reticle covers the entire circle target area of bag at 90-yards, making it a guessing game as to whether you are aiming at bullseye.
    Still, in a Buck Master (BM-180) bag, the arrows hit around the outside edge of inner most bullseye circle (which has "X" in middle).

    The reason I am using the 3x scope is because it has multiple reticles that work out as follows: 15-yards, 30-yards (center), 45-yards, 60-yards, 75-yards, 90-yards.