Drop Camps


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Dec 28, 2004
I have been seriously bitten by the elk hunting bug. I had a great experience this year with a great outfitter. However, with the economy in it's present state, I won't be able to go every year with an outfitter. I thought to maximize my hunting time I should check into drop camp hunting. Any thoughts/experiences ? Thanks Guys
Collected my first bull elk hunting from a drop camp in eastern Idaho. The outfitter had the tents set up all the horse food packed in so when we got there all that was left was to cut firewood. He left 4 saddle horses with us and checked on us once then packed us and all the game out at the end of the hunt.

We had some friends that had used the outfitter on a couple hunts years earlier so he came highly recommended and that paid off for us. Also we spent some time looking at topo’s and talking with the guys that had hunted the country so when we got there we knew where to go.

Without high recommendations or word of mouth I would be careful about drop camps especially for elk unless horses are included so that you can find the elk if they are not within hiking distance from camp.

If you have all the camping stuff a do it yourself trip is as good as a drop camp especially if you hunt country your familiar with. You’re not locked in to any one place and you can move if you have to. Any way good luck with your endeavor and hope you find something that works for you.
Thank you. Horses would be a big item that is for sure. Part of my thinking is that there is all of work to do in a DIY hunt, that work must really cut into your hunting time. I do know that I would not have gotten a bull this year if I wasn't hunting from the back of a horse. The country is too vast. Thanks
You may want to consider buying your own wall tent, stove etc and have the outfitter just pack you in. I did it that way 3 years ago. We ended up paying $500 each to pack us and the camp in. Compared to $1,500.00 each for a drop camp. I purchased the entire camp including the 12 x 16 tent, and poles for under $750.00 and then I had a brand new setup that I got to keep when we were done. It cost me $200.00 to pack out the elk I got for a total of about $750 to the outfitter and $750 for the tent. The future hunts can be done for around $750 each assuming you get an elk or $500 if you strike out. I did not use a horse I just quarted my elk and hung it in the trees and the outfitter packed it out with us.
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