DPMS 223 Bull 24"


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Feb 10, 2012
Im thinking i need a new gun for some reason, and i think an AR is next on the wanted list. I Was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with the DPMS 223 Bull 24".
Trigger, accuracy at 5-600 yds etc.... it will be mainly used for calling and the occasional coyote/skunk removal in the calving lot.


The barrel is a bit awkward for most calling/hunting. But it's great for bench work and/or longer ranges. Seems to put up tiny groups with even the cheapest ammo. It's ran flawlessly for around 500 or so rounds, but I still use my 16in recon profile carbine for yote calling.
Woody 26

Find a stripped lower. Drop in a timney trigger, and top it of with a White Oak Armament Upper. I got the 18" with a 7 twist. Sweet.
I purchased the DPMS Panther Predator with the 20" barrel earlier year for $899.00 at Cabelas Lacey, WA. I have the Nikon Coyote scope on it. the bullet drop compensator is usually close enough for hunting accuracy. the reticle is circles and my use for this is night time and for fast follow up shots. It did not come with an adjustable length of pull stock which I would have liked. My only advice based upon my experience is do not shoot the cheapest ammo available. I tried Herter's ammo and kept getting double feeds. a friend told me there is some coating on the casing that gets sticky when shooting a warm to hot barrel. I have yet to kill anything with but I think I will be pleased this winter. My usual go to gun is a Remington 700 VTR in .308. It is a real tack driver but a little on the heavy side if you are walking from stand to stand.
Ihave the bushmaster varmint special 24" staimless. it doesnt seem too heavy or awkward I like the extra velosity from the longer barell. I am selling my 22-250 as i can get the same performance with .223
I had a 16" DPMS Bull (Sweet 16) and it was plenty accurate to 300y or more. Not sure I'd want to tote around an extra 6" on a bull barrel unless you are set up and not hiking around much.

These days I prefer a lighter barrel or bolt gun for all the hiking I do.

I don't however doubt that itd get the job done and be plenty accurate.
I have the DPMS Super Bull 24" with a 9 twist. Shoots lights out with a 69 gr Sierra out to 500 yds. Also has had it's share of deer.
I appreciate all of the input! But i got and offer to go elk hunting 3rd season in colorado on my buddys ranch so i believe im gonna jump on it. When the funds are available i'll bite the bullet and buy one. Then hopefully pay for it with coyote hides.:D
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