Double success on hogs at 675 yds!


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May 14, 2003
I got 2 this morning. At the first shot they did not react at all so I dropped a 2d one. After that they started milling about and I could not be sure of a 3d shot. The hogs were all feeding on a 50 lbs bag of corn that was accidently spilled late evening yesterday. 1st hog in behind one shoulder and exitted through the other, 2d one through both shoulders.

.300 WSM, 190 moly SMK, 16X IOR at 14.25 moa

From what I could tell I would use the 190 SMK on any game in US. I guarantee it is tougher than the 130 GK I used with success from a .270 Win and even the 250 GK from a .338 WinMag I used before that.
Lucky guy, I had to get up close and personal with the porkers I shot a few years back. And who said they're color blind?
I do not believe they are color blind. They may be the smartest animal that walks on four legs. I tried crawling close to a herd a few weeks ago and set up when I thought I was near enough I set up and saw the last 2 low crawling into a shoallow gully. I though only primates imitated observed behavior.
Skinny Shooter, I wonder if at least one more could have been taken if 2 shooters fired their 1st shot simultaneously.

Thanks for offering to keep a secret Quite Hunter but I posted the details of the hunt at Short Mags right after I left this forum. If something works for me, the SMK in this instance, I tell everyone who might care. You might have to take my bashing a product with a grain of salt though. I admit if I am slightly dissatisfied with something then it is the worst one of it's kind in the world when I give my opinion.
Congrats RuffHewn on longrange double, what part of Alabama were you hunting in. I have killed hogs in Choctaw county. That country is short range hunting. The longest was about 70 yards. Those swamps are thick cover.
The first time I hunted them 11 came out of the swamp into a small food plot. I thought this going to be good. I shot the biggest one and by time I cycled the action I saw the south end of a northbound pig
disappear into the swamp. Mercy they got out of there quick. Again congrats on the double!
I am in Autauga County near the intersection of Autauga, Elmore, and Chilton Counties. On my favorite green strip last season I am in Autauga shooting deer in Chilton. It sounds farther than it really is since my closest 2 whitetails were less than 50 yds.

I got the hogs on my cousin's place as he has about .75 mile open hayfield just cut. I shot from the top of the bailer in his pole barn to near a wild turkey feed station where he supplements the birds. His field is all in Autauga County but some of his woods may be in Chilton.

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