Do you use a scope level to eliminate rifle canting?

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
I am talking about the device that helps you keep your rifle level when taking a shot.

If so, which brand/model?
Yep...from all I can determine, keeping the scope level and plum is a key to precision long range shot placement.

- Anti Cant Device 30mm - black

Believe this is the same (or design) that Carlock talks about in his video. No moving parts, small, light, low profile, cheap and very little to 'go wrong'. From behind the scope, I can still see it just fine.
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yes, I made a home made rig, ain't pretty, but it works. takes away the worry of being canted.
I use them for all my longrange shooting. I use the one that Sinclair International sells. I prefer the offcenter one, as it is easy to see with my non dominate eye, and then let my dominate eye take back over to focus on the reticle to take the shot. Not a very good pic, but here is what I see with my left eye, while still keeping good cheek weld on the stock, staying in shooting position. I have a couple of the Defensive Edge style to be used with Nightforce rings, but have yet to try them, as I am used to my present method. Will try them after hunting season..
Yes. Even though just getting into LRH, I want to make sure I pay attention to ALL the details that influence accuracy at distance. Canting would fall into that catagory.
Yes! I used on my scope one anticant leveling device (Sinclair).
Works very well for me. Yo will be surprised to see how unlevel is your rifle on field position without it.
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