Die storage rust preventative


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Nov 22, 2018
Just wondering what everybody uses to keep their dies rust free. My reloading setup is in the house so no wild temp shifts. I currently use a paper type “rust preventative”. I cut it roughly the size of the die box and lay it over the dies and close it up. Seems to do ok but the paper has been in there for years and I’m thinking about getting new. I was wondering if anybody had tried some of those plastic squares like they use in fishing tackle boxes called Z Rust or just continue what I’m doing? I have no clue how long this paper type last or what would be better. In today’s economy it’s worth an ounce of prevention as high as some of these dies can be…if you can find em! Thanks for any insight
I have some dies that are over 60 + years old....other than the plastic boxes that show some age they all look like new....
Just give the dies a squirt of Break Free CLP when I'am done using it and store in a die case.....until the next time they get used.....
I used Hornady one shot prior to getting a dehumidifier in the room. Just coat the dies with one shot and stopped having the issue. I picked up a cheap dehumidifier off Amazon and that stopped all the rust in the room so no need to spray down anymore.
Wrap it up and lube it…or is it lube it and wrap it up🤣