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Aug 26, 2009
Just starting out reloading what would be a goods set of calibers to buy?
Thanks car
You have been introduced to the finest available. However, the Chinese cheapies are very serviceable for what is required in reloading. Harbor Freight has their 6" digital available on sale for about $12 right now. Or, a dial caliper doesn't require a battery.
The various reloading branded calipers and the less costly Harbor Freights are all from the same Chinese plant, no difference at all except the name printed on them. And they are all more than suficent quality for any handloading tasks.

Calipers, of any make, are good to about a thousant, no more. If you want better resolution than that you will have to go to a micrometer. And, again, all of the current reloader/HF types come from the same plant as the Chink calipers.

I have several of the "cheap" calipers,dial and digital, and mikes too. They all read my Jo blocks the same within a half thou even on the worst one. So, effectively, I find them no worse than my Starret and B&S tools so why pay 10-15 times more? Google Harbor Freight or buy one from MidwayUSA for a couple bucks more.
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