Dell Axim ( loading and using ballistic programs )



I bought a Dell Axim X50v on craigslist for $50. to use for running a ballistic program like the rest of you guys.
To put it blunt, it is all Greek to me.
So if we could start a Dell Axim for Dummies, that would help me out a lot, ( not saying I am a dummy or anything ) and maybe a few others too.
I googled on how to load programs, but all I could find is a video on how to load windows 6.
So any of you experts want to give any help or make a video, it would be greatly appreciated.


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Jun 12, 2001
Potomac River
Do you have it interfaced with your main computer?

If you buy Exbal (and I assume Nightforce) it comes with instructions that are fairly simple on how to get it loaded. Operating instruction leave a lot to be desired.

The chief thing to do is make sure you get it to reside in the program files on the PERMANENT MEMORY not on the flash memory. This caused me no end of grief until I went into the manual and read through it in nitty gritty detail.
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