Daughters First Hunt!


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Oct 4, 2006
Oregon City, OR
I had to share my daughters first hunt.....well hunting may be an exaggeration. More like a walk in the woods with a noisy little girl having a blast hanging with her dad! She was determined to spot a deer for us.
3.5 years old is a little young, but I had a great time in the woods with my little one.
Thanks guys. Your right Joel, she already tried to talk me out of my jeep last weekend, but she wants me to paint it purple first.

She was mad the whole way home that we did not see a deer.
:D I took my 3yo out last Tues, we put the sneak on a group of Muley does, she says "gotta shoot it!" Man they are fun! I started taking my older 2 kids with me at that same age, their both huntin fools now at 15 and 18:)
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