Daisy Dog went to Jail

Clayne B

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Nov 15, 2011
Saratoga Springs, Ut
My dog is spending the night at the dog pound. she took of this morning and I spent an hour looking for her. I had a job I had to be to so I left the grage door open a little bit so she could get in when she came home. I got home and she was not home. Called the local police department (kinda a small town) and asked if they had seen her, and the gal on the phone said yeah (bob) picked it up... Whats your number I will have him call you. He called me and said it he took it to the pound and that i would have to call them in the morning because they were closed already. DANGIT! Gona be like 150 to get her out. I will use the coyote bounty money her and I have made to get her out.

Will she be on probation and lose here hunting privileges? LOL. Funny I just seen The UT $50 bounty in HUNTING mag and u mention 'yote bail money. I had a Lab that liked to go for long walks w/o me. I had to bail him out once. The funny part was he had the run of the local pound inside with the secertary. I thought hell, you all don't even tie him up why am I paying fine? He was my best dog ever, so i understood how they buddied up to him.
With bounty a fella could pay for some gas and reloading supplies :D
What call do you use for 'yotes? I can't seem to get them to respond in my area. I seem to just happen upon them, crossing hay fields etc.

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