CZ 550 vs Sako TRG


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Dec 15, 2001
Okay guys, I think I finally have narrowed down my search for a action to build a 338 Lapua on.

I am trying to decide between a CZ 550 .416 Magnum action, or a Sako TRGS action.

Which action is stiffer, and would be better suited to put a 30-32 inch fluted barrel on (1.25"-.9"at the muzzle) Which one would you guys be happier with?

It is a expensive decision and I want to use the better action, Which one?
I was just looking at those actions yesterday. I had an opportunity to pick up the BRNO 602 and I didn't take it.

George Gardener or G. A. Precision had a 338 Lapua built on a CZ action I believe. He had it in a McMillan stock if I recall correctly. Call George at 816.221.9117 EXT 15 and talk with him about the action.
I just got off the phone with George talking about the CZ and TRG-S actions and long barrels and such.

There are 3 stocks available from McMillan for the CZ action, the Baker Special, the McHale and something else.

On hanging a long barrel off the CZ, George said he'd not want to go longer than 27 or 28 (and I'm assuming a heavy barrel because that's all I've ever seen him with). I asked about 32 to 34 inched and fluted and he perked up and said it's probably work but it might need some bedding under the barrel. He said there's only an inch of thread so there's not a lot of meat for the long barrel.

I also asked about other actions and the Dakota came up and also the Nesika actions.

I'm going to spend some time looking at the Nesika actions.
Thanks Dave, I found a place that will inlett McMillan stocks for the TRGS, but it will be a while before I move forward on anything so I will continue browsing around.

The Nesika looks like a very good action. Do they have a price list anywhere or do you have to contact them for prices?

Who will inlet McMillan stocks for the TRG-S? I would appreciate any info (web site, phone # etc.) you have.

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