Cz 527 223 rem to 20 VT


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Sep 17, 2013
I'm wanting to get a 20 vartarg put together sometime in the near future when barrel for another project finally makes its way in. I want to build it off the cz action set up for the fireballs but with how difficult they are to find. The 223 and 204 ruger models seem much easier to find. I'm wondering if these would have ejection issues like a lot of the other actions have with the fireball line. These are still on the micro actions So I'm hopeful it will work. Wth me changing out my 243 win I'm hoping to fill a void for a varmint cartridge and see this as the perfect cartridge for my want and needs. The reason for the fireball over the Remington or ruger is that I want less noise than you get with that size of cartridge but want a little better energy and trajectory than the hornet line. So the fireballs are perfect. Fun part is finding one at an affordable price that will eject properly. So will simply rebarrel long a 223 rem or 204 ruger cz 527 action work properly or is the fireball action enough different for it not to work? Advice and comments appreciated.