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Oct 6, 2014
i was successful at stuffing a 6.5x284 Norma (Shehane actually - less body taper with fire forming and tight .290" neck) into a savage SHORT action with a COAL of 3.13" to the lands with 6.5 eld-x 143gr as a lightweight Mountain rifle. To do so I had to cut the stock and front of magazine box but also the feed ramp on the back of the lower bolt lug. I'd hoped it would just be a little dent into the ramp but I ended up taking more out than expected considering the action is an older stagger feed vs center feed. I'm looking for opinions if this is still safe or if I took too much off as this obviously serves as a bolt lug, resisting recoil (bolt thrust actually). I'm about half way into the feed ramp. I'm afraid I may have scrapped the action??? Thanks for any and all opinions, Jake


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I couldn't have that! Scrap! You should have used a LA! Unless you can live with only one lug abutment!

I would have to agree with shortgrass. Some slight modifications can be done to actions without endangering the integrity of the action. As a smith I can't take liberties with other peoples rifles, but as an individual you can as long as it remains in your hands.

Recommended actions and lengths are for a reason, function. strength requirements are the same unless you alter the action to the point that the Integrity has been compromised.

I would recommend mild loads and frequent head space checks just to be safe.

To get an answer as to the safety of such a modification I would think a mechanical engineer or materials engineer would have to analyze what's left to hold the bolt lug.
Thanks for the input guys. Ya I dont like this either. I think I'm going back to a long action and will just lug the extra half a pound. I was stupid and bold... now just stupid. Scrap I think. I'll salvage all the components.
At least Savage actions are inexpensive! I could model the action in solidworks and then model the modified version and run f.e.a. on both but with that much removed you've already gotten your answer many times above.
Switched to long action and never looked back. Threw the SA in the garbage. Selling the original barrel from both guns, both scopes that came with the guns new, stock, the SA bolt all on eBay and got a rebate on the new gun which was on sale. Was a about a $100 price of tuition after all the hassle! **** second action has malaligned scope mount holes though. Mounted and lapped the scope twice now with different rings and mounts and ran out of windage adjustment both times. Fixed with Burris signature zee and 20 moa inserts. Stripping several of thes guns and comparing weights of a savage long action and bolt vs SA and bolt made me realize I was chasing a rabbit. Only 4 oz difference and the lightweight versions are only 2oz less than those. New LA 6.5x284 Shehane is still sub 8lbs scoped (swaro Z5 5-24x52) which meets my Mountain rifle goal I suppose.
Great !!!
Sounds like you have it worked out.

It was the right way to go and you will be happy.

Good luck and good hunting.

You sure the scope holes were misaligned? A far more common problem that will cause that is a curved barrel or threaded crooked. Could be he front of the action isn't square to action body. How did the barrel sit in the barrel channel. If it hugged one side that could indicate a misaligned barrel. Factory threaded barrels are bad about this. The Signature ring solution is a good way to fix this without having everything remachined.
Nope I am not sure and it's why I love this forum and learning about long range shooting as a hobby. I learn so much. So to your point, I'm working on four savage prfit guns on the cheap(ish) for an upcoming group elk hunt and have them pretty much dialed in. All savage with wildcat barrels. Two pacnor and two from a new carbon fiber company. All shoot 1/2 moa as of today with the carbons being very accurate despite my complaints below and many customer service issues. That said, both carbon barrels have the same chamber and have the same problem. Both are savage prefits and both are 20moa high and 20 moa right (approximately) like I said, I ran out of windage and nearly on downward elevation. I fixed both with the Burris inserts 20moa front compensating for vertical and 20 in back for windage. It's odd to me both barrels have same windage and elevation problem. Pacnor do not. My assumptions are that both carbon barrels have
malaligned threading. I also assume that both barrels are screwed in to head space very near identical. If not, a half turn more would mean exactly the opposite in accuracy (20 moa low and 20 moa left). Anyway, I'm learning and I think I'm convinced as Hired Gun said, there's likely something else going on (bad barrel threading). All else is equal. All guns are new savages. All have (had) same mounts/rings. All same scopes. 2 pacnor barrels centered scope adjustments nearly perfectly down the center (not counting 10 MOA can't). 2 carbon barrels are identically considerably off. Hmmm. Topic has changed but thoughts?
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