SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 6mmAI For Sale.. SOLD.!!

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    Oct 25, 2002
    .. Yikes.! I bought a new toy and now I gotta pay for it.. So last year's 'hoggin rifle is up for sale.. "FatBoy" is a Richard's Custom Rifles built 6mmAI on a blueprinted Remington SA.. The barrel is a Kreiger HV 1:14 @ 24" bbl and 25.25" w/ Harrell's brake.. Stock is an HS Precision Hunter/BR with a little camo pattern on it.. The action has been properly bedded in Devcon and the factory trigger is well tuned.. Here's this year's complete load development target w/66gr Fowlers.. For reference I think the red dots are .5" .. Round count is around 300 or so on a fresh chamber fitted to Win brass, regular neck..
    .. The first $800 + shpg gets it delivered to your FFL.. It's a good rifle and an honest .5" performer.. The fast 6's are hell on varmints..
    ..Sorry for the pic quality.. I musta been shakey tonight.. d:^) JiNC


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