Custom 6.5x 47L Barreled Action


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Feb 26, 2010
El Paso, TX
I am getting a barreled action made by a GA Precision. It will be chambered for a 6.5x47 Lapua. It will have their Templar short action and a tuned Remington trigger and a sendero contour Bartlein barrel. I am having them build the barreled action only for a couple reasons. I would like to eventually get into building rifles someday, but do not have the time or equipment now. I feel I can bed the action myself, I've done it with a few rifles with great success now. It will also cut down on some of the costs if I do some of the work myself. The stock I will be placing it into will be a Manners MCS-T stock with their embedded chassis and DBM system. It is essentially a drop in stock, but am told it may require minor fitting. Here are my questions.

I plan to bed the recoil lug; what is the best way to do this with out having the bedding compound flow back between the action and chassis? GAP normally beds just this portion on this style of setup. The chassis system has a spot for the recoil lug but doesn't have much room forward. I'm thinking if there isn't the perfect amount of bedding compound, it could easily flow back.

What minor fitting issues with the stock should I expect with this setup?

An lastly the Lapua round has essentially the same body diameter as a 308 win, but it is somewhat shorter and has a steeper shoulder angle. I am told I shouldn't have any feeding issues with this system( AI single stack magazine), but if there were issues, what would they be and how could I remedy them?

Any info on this will be great. I know if I absolutely have to, I can take it to GA Precision and have them fit it, but I would like to do it myself. If someone sees other possible issues I would like to know as well. Thanks.
i run a 6-47 same case. Feeding issues, no real feeding issues the only issues we have had are ejection issues. I had to replace a worn out remington extractor. Another person had isses that it was to short and would pop off the exctrator before it cleared the port. Lastly, on mine if i runt he bolt to fast in competitions the smaller case will spin in the ejection port and jam it up real good!

As for just beedign the lug, I would wrap tape around the barrel at the forend to make sure it is center in the channel. Use relase agent ALL over it. Even though you are only doing the lug, that stuff can get everywhere!

I would lay blue painters tape in the barrel channel where you want the beeding to stop, put release agent on it! You are going to want the bedding compound to run out a little to make sure you get a good fit. You just have to have a plan to manage it and remove it wherr you do not want it. Lay the blue tape everywhere you do not want beeding and put relase agent on it. it will help in the removal.

Place a layer or two on blue tape on the bottom, sides and front of the recoild lug. you need a little wiggle room to get it out. Do not put any on the back or the bearing surface as you wnat that to be solid.

Did I mention to use relase agent EVERYWHERE!

Im not a gunsmith, and the advice was free, so you get what you pay for!

use modeling clay or duct seal to create a dam to limit the bedding travel. also use accraglass gel instead of devcon or standard accraglass as it is much thicker and will stay put better. i have been having better luck with johnsons paste wax as a release agent instead of the agent that comes with the brownels bedding kits.
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