custom 300wm , orange county CA , will ship


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Jul 15, 2017
orange county
Make: remington

Model: 700 xcr

Caliber: 300wm

Location : costa mesa

Price: 1700

Will ship (Y/N): yes

Other info:
Rifle specs :
Caliber 300 winchester magnum
Bartlin 26" 1/11 twist
Center shot 4 port break
Manners t5 stock
Rem 700 long action Blueprinted
Badger oversized recoil lug ( also pinned )
Badger scope rail ( pretty sure its 20moa cant )
2 lb Timney trigger
Ptg stealth detachable magazine bottom metal comes with one aics magazine

Rifle has 700ish rounds through it, basically broken in. Expect to get at least 2700-3000 rounds out of it dependent on how hot a load you run in it

All gunsmithing was done by Ray Rigania at peerless rifle company . Ray has a great reputation as one of the best gunsmiths around and is a member of the American Gunsmith guild. this rifle is capable of .4-.5 moa groups at 100 and sub moa at longer distances with the right ammo. I can provide specs on what loads it likes.


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