1. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED Peterson 300 Win Mag (Long) Brass

    Selling 3 unopened boxes of Peterson 300 Win Mag (Long) Brass (150 total). This is the newly released version. I am selling it because I found some more ADG and do not want to have to redo load work up. Asking what I paid - $225 TYD.
  2. kpacker

    300 Win Mag Brass

    I have more brass than I need so looking to sell these. All are once fired, FL resized, deprimed, and polished a bit. A few have some kind of tarnish from being in a tote where a bottle of gun blue spilled but not onto them directly. No box included $75obo 185pcs total 38- Remington 43-...
  3. T

    Mauser m18 300wm, anyone handloading?

    I bought a mauser m18 in 300wm 24.5 in barrel last year and have been trying to find a good long range hand load for it, I tried some hornady 208elds with some luck but nothing I was super impressed with. I checked free bore and as long as I can load them in the mag I'm .2 from the lands, I...
  4. deepsix

    custom 300wm , orange county CA , will ship

    Make: remington Model: 700 xcr Caliber: 300wm Location : costa mesa Price: 1700 Will ship (Y/N): yes Other info: Rifle specs : Caliber 300 winchester magnum Bartlin 26" 1/11 twist Center shot 4 port break Manners t5 stock Rem 700 long action Blueprinted Badger oversized recoil lug (...
  5. IdahoHunter208

    300WM Whidden FL Bushing and Micrometer Seater

    Selling a set of practically brand new (reloaded 20 rounds before selling the rifle) set of Whidden reloading dies for 300 Win Mag. It is a full length bushing sizer die and a micrometer seater. Paid $225 from Whidden. https://www.whiddengunworks.com/product/reloading-die-set/ Includes: .420...
  6. B

    AIAX post 2014 LA chassis

    I am selling my AIAX 300wm LA chassis. Includes 2 mags. Needs to move. Post 2014 model. 1200 obo
  7. Mc Fraser

    N570 and 200/212 ELD-X Load Data for 300WM

    Hello, I reached out to Hornady and they don't have any reloading data, I'm still waiting on VV to get back to me; in the meantime what have you used as a starting point for a ladder test? I have a 300WM, 28in barrel Krieger #5
  8. W

    Nemo Arms

    Do any of you fellow members have any real world experience with any Nemo products? I have a chance at scooping up an M210 for a killer deal. I’ve heard of previous issues with these guns, but can’t find anything new about any issues. They seem to have all been corrected and running flawlessly...
  9. E

    300wsm tikka build help

    I have a tikka t3 300wm I'm using to build a 300wsm on. I'm waiting on my carbon six 26inch 300wsm barrel to come in. I already have my stock, the stockys longrange carbon fiber. It is cut for the cdi bottom metal. My question is about the bottom metal and magazines, cdi has the option for long...
  10. 4mattmyers

    Remington Sendero 300WM

    gotta make room in the safe. selling a Remington 700 Sendero chambered in 300 win mag. i purchased brand new and has around 125 rounds down the tube. all factory other than the bolt handle has been cut and threaded 5/16-24 to accept aftermarket bolt knobs. the bipod and the rear bag is for the...
  11. L

    RBROS 300 Win Mag - Berger load data

    I am interested in seeing what others load data for RBROS 300 Win mag rifles. Looking to compare load data. Looking for 210 & 215 Berger load information.... - Brass (manufacturer and prep) - powder (brand and grains) - seating depth - primer - velocity - group size I currently have a Carbon...
  12. Arctic Cowboy

    Semi-custom R700 300wm

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Selling to fund an optic upgrade for my range gun. •Rem 700 action trued and blueprinted Ceracoated sniper grey •HS Precision stock Glass bedded •Douglas 5A match Air Gage barrel (All gunsmithing done by Stan Jackson) also Ceracoated sniper grey •Bolt milled...
  13. 1Moose

    Bullet Question: 210 HVLD for CO Black Bear?

    I have a rifle black bear tag for Colorado that runs parallel to my bull elk muzzleloader season. We're using a drop camp, so I plan to bring my 300 WM in with me so I have the option to hunt black bear if I fill the elk tag. I'm all set with the 210 HVLD which shoots well from my rifle: just...
  14. specter29

    Stiller Brux Manners 300 winmag

    Selling my Custom Built Piercision Rifle 300 win mag built by Ryan Pierce only has 10 rounds fired time to move on to a new project. it is throated for the 215 Bergers. Bipod not for sale any questions PM me or call 920-373-9603 Rifle and scope ( Athlon Cronus BTR) $5,100 Only Rifle $3,500...
  15. S

    NEW Nosler 300 Winchester Magnum

    I have a new unopened box of 50 Nosler 300 Winchester magnum brass looking to get $70 shipped TYD in the lower 48.
  16. R

    Long range setup for Sambar deer in Australia

    New member, first post. Looking for some advice. I've recently become interested in long range Sambar hunting. Until now the the deer i've taken have been at under 300m. I've had opportunities out much further but haven't been confident with my current setup or my ability to achieve an ethical...