Current or Former Zeiss Diavari V 6-24x56mm T


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Apr 8, 2012

I have a Zeiss Diavari V 6-24x56 T on top of my 300WM. It has been a great scope! It is lacking a zero stop and it is a 0.5 cm adjustment (I learned to deal with the adjustment, it has given me brain freeze) .

Optically it's hard to beat, I have looked through other scopes (I own a Razor GEN 1 and a Zeiss V4) and the glass is much better on the Diavari.

Thinking of upgrading, if you own, or owned the Diavari, I would love to hear feedback on what you replaced it with.

What current Zeiss scopes would be the same optically (with the new features)?

Thanks Andy
I own Diavari as well, and I agree the older glass is just as good and I think better than the newer stuff. I picked up a new Zeiss S3 6-36X56 this past December, and have a Zeiss Victory T2.5x10x42 30mm & Zeiss Diavari 6-24x50. And the glass in my new Zeiss is very, very good, but my older Zeiss is just as good.
Keep the diavari, better glass imo, especially the earlier models, also the US Zeiss scopes along with many other imports are neutered/altered from their German counterparts in fov due to the Swaro patent.