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I bought my first this summer, .25-06. Recently bought a .270 and ordered a .22-250 to replace other guns. They do cost more than the average gun but are better built and shoot better than most average guns. By the time you bed and do a trigger job on many guns, you do not pay that much more. Both my guns will shoot .5 MOA with my reloads and I haven't tweaked them.
I have two excaliburs, a 6.5 creedmoor and a 25-06, both are easily under 1/2 with factory ammo. Right out of the box, worth every penny in my opinion. I am looking at getting a 6.5x284 next or a 243.

I have several buddies that own them and they are superbly accurate. The build quality and attention to detail is what you would expect to see on a quality custom rig. I have a Cooper 520 in 6.5x284 but it is not factory stock. BOTW did a fair degree of custom work to it. I have shot groups that were 5 shots in one hole at 200 yards, 1" at 500 yards. I have just under 300 rounds through it and have never had to adjust my zero more then a click or two from initial set-up.
i have 4 model 21's
3 in 25x47
1 in 221 fireball
all shoot great
just won some turkeys at a turkey shoot a few weeks back with 1 of the 25x47
and the 221
the 221 has many rounds down its barrel and still shoots in the 2's and 3's
very happy with then and got them back when you could buy a new one for under $800.oo

here is a pic of 1 of the 25x47 with a caribou i took with it


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