CLR vs Krud Kutterr for Carbon Removal

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Jul 6, 2019
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I recently used Krud Kutterr to test how well it would remove bbl carbon. Albeit it was on my muzzle loader. It did a very good job of carbon removal on the first pass. I have not used it on my rifle bbl as yet..maybe tomorrow. Having used CLR for carbon removal with good results I have also read forum concerns for CLR on blued surfaces.
OK, I ran a little test comparing the two on blued surfaces. I placed a old set of blued rings in each solution for 4 hours. One ring each in the two different cleaners for four hours. They had been prepared by cleaning with IPA. As you can see in the accompanying photos CLR removed the blueing on the portion of the ring in solution. The Krudd my opinion..may have lightly lightened the deep blue color. I realize Eric C uses CLR, and also recommends not leaving it to soak for extended time. You only see him use CLR on stainless bbl’s, not on blued. He also follows up CLR promptly with patches wet with IPA. I am not meaning to endorse any method as proper for carbon I am sure have your own proven technique. This is just the results of my own unscientific experiment. The first photo shows the two rings with the ring on the right having been soaked in Krudd Kutterr. The second photo shows the lower ring having been in CLR.
As earlier mentioned I have yet to use Krud Kutter on a stainless RIFLE bbl, I’ve only used it on a muzzle loader-and that was a stainless bbl.


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