Christensen arms Ridgeline


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Mar 4, 2015
Hey all!! I just got some RL26 and was able to get the load my buddy had previously worked up for the 6.5 PRC that I bought off him. It is a Christensen Arms MPR. The load is:
55.8 grn of RL26
156 Berger EOL
Fed 210 primer
COL of 2.951

I had it zeroed in with factory Hornady 143 ELD-X and this is a 1in sticker at 100 yards. Didn't move the scope first 3 Berger rounds. We shot at 950 yards after. Hit 9 out of 12 with 5 in a 6 in group.View attachment 190147View attachment 190148

What velocity are you seeing at that COAL?


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Aug 5, 2019
I’m 14 and 120 lbs would a 300 win mag be too much recoil for me even with a muzzle brake and/or recoil bad?
Hey bud. Glad you wanna hunt. You can tame the ole 300 win down pretty good with a brake. I don't have experience with the T2 Terminator, but do know the Painkiller by APS is quite effective. However this big gun is going to have a good bit of blast and might not be fun for you to shoot as much. Keep in mind that even if you brake it and don't mind the recoil or noise, there are other factors to consider. What game are you after? Is this a do-everything rifle? How much do you want to shoot recreationally? How big is the gun? My son about your size has become extremely proficient with a light 6.5 PRC. He'll shoot my magnums no problem, but for the summer woodchucks and everything in between, the 6.5 PRC is just fun to shoot and carry. Get some wisdom from good people around you that know the circumstances, your needs, and your abilities. Carry on buddy, it's a good thing you're after.


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Nov 30, 2008
What is the range like on these ridgeline rifles? I’m looking to get one in 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.5 prc and will be taking shots out to 900 yards. I just wanted to know if this rifle could suit my needs. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
I have a ridgeline 6.5x284 in a stockys vg2 stock. I load 156 bergers with 53.7gr rl26 in peterson brass, they go 2980fps. I have a 20" gong at 1350y in my pasture. I went 6/6 on it the other day. When wind was blowing at 10:00 8mph I put 3 within 4 inches of one another. The wind switched to 7:00 pulled a couple tenths out and put the next 3 within 2.5" of one another. This is one the best shooting rifles I own. I have several 4k builds from top end smith's as well.

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