Chili question

This made me think of the blue collar comedy guys. The joke about hunting and someone brings a salad. Dumped a can of hormel on it
Sooo in TX their Chili is just Hamberger and tomatoes?

My Chili is:
Cubed steak & good hamburger (venison)
Onions & Green Bell Peppers
Stew Tomatoes, tomato Puree
Dark red Chili beans Kidney & Pinto Beans
Sliced Jalapeno
brown sugar
Chili Pepper and Tabasco, Lime juice
Cooked Rice on the bottom of the bowl and chili topped with sharp cheddar cheese and green scallions.
Home made corn bread.
When my brother moved to Texas folks would not eat his Chili as he used Beans.
In your Chili do you use beans or no beans?
Dark Kidney Beans but not too many. The beans should be an added flavor and not take over the flavortown of chili.

Secret ingredient I like to use is really good bee honey. It will caramelize and bring great sweet hot pop to taste.