Central Utah Mule Hunt


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Jan 10, 2003
santa barbara
I am going to Hunt Utah for the first time

We cannot decide between Deep Creek or
somewhere in the unitas?

We are looking for a trophy and are willing
to leave with our tags unfilled

Any info would be great

I used to live in Utah and hunted the Unitas and deep creek.....Utah used to produce some awfully big deer...but...they used to have a really short hunting season and hunters got a little crazy as a result so take care.

I liked the Unitas best.....where are you from?

I know this may sound strange, but if you are spending the money for a trophy hunt and traveling to Utah and you are not familiar with the country......you might think about investing in a guide service....seriously.
It may sound odd but bumping into a trophy animal without knowing the country or having someone with you who does....well....your spending probably substantial money just to go, and possibly spending alittle more to get with a guide who can better your odds could possibly be a wise thing to do at least the first time.....just a thought.

kind regards

Thanks PPRO
I am from California
I will be doing two out of state trips-first
to Utah then to a spot in Colorado that we have been going to for years-I have seen them in Colorado just never connected with a "Big One" YET!! I don't mean to step on anybodies toes but personally I hold higher a 26" 4pt havested on public land the old fashion way, than a 32" 6x6 haversted on private with guide. Thanks for the info, We decided to first try somewhere around American Fork

I see that you live in Idaho
I have Hunted SE Idaho about 3 times
Last year I saw lots of small deer,
biggest about 26" 4Pt, but went home empty
I go for the fun not the meat
My two Hunting Buddies have Havested some nice
mulies from SE Idaho-biggest was a thick 31"
They were lucky enough to get some major weather during that season, They said it seemed like every camp had a least one "Trophy"

I agree with you on your thoughts on the 26 x 4 from public land vs the guided route...was just thinking that you might gain familiarity with the country through a guide that could take longer to get by yourself.

I like to hunt the big bucks myself but I haven't shot any that I have found. If I can beat them at their game to where they leave themselves open for a good shot, thats usually enough. I have learned much by just watching the big ones....some of them are really smart....I have more than once sat on a vantage point and watched big bucks out smart hunters after them...pretty interesting.

Uusally I hunt alone and often in some nasty spots so I will usually try to pick out what I think I can bring out by myself (plus I am getting old). The really big deer can be a hand full.

One other reason I usually just take the lesser bucks is I wonder about the gene pool. Some years ago, a family (I think it was the Whitheads) did some research on Elk herds and studied some herds up near the Idaho/Montana border. The herds had been open to bulls only hunting for years. What they (and hunters found) was that the antler size had degraded substantially such that there simply were no bulls being produced with the really large thick racks that had been common years before. As a result, the fish and game cut out the bull hunting for along time, to try to allow the heards to recover.

I think about that when I am hunting and I find the really big ones....I actually don't know if this would apply to deer in any way, or not but I do have a lot of respect for those really sneaky big bucks and I wonder if, or at least think that possibly, they are needed to pass on their instincts and skills that let them survive and get that big in the first place.

Probably one of these days I will shoot one of those big ones just because and I certainly don't mind if you do.

Good luck on your hunt....American Fork is a good jump off spot.

kind regards

Good luck. You'll need it. Our muzzleloader season just ended & my tag went unfilled. We saw a total of 4 2-points and that was on opening day. After that, nothing.

KTG's report is just like mine, small bucks and does, came home empty handed by choice.


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