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Mar 20, 2004
holmes county FL
I have been in utah for about 7 months now i got orders to hill afb and have gotten good and settled in. Now i would like to get to do some hunting. I am from alabama and and am not used to the tag system or the wide open country. If any one could help me out with a good place to muley or elk hunt for next season that would be great. I also want to do some coyote hunting and help would be greatly appricated. As i said before i am not familiar with the area or the hunting laws in regards to place that are legal to hunt so please break it down barney style for me thanks.
You lucky dog! I am in the AF as well and was hoping for Hill AFB, or Mountain Home AFB. However, I am a Helicopter Maint. guy so they weren't on my possiblities list. My first PCS is Nellis AFB, I am in the same boat as you are. Where to hunt? How to apply? Where do I start looking for deer or anything?

I hope that you can join up with somebody on here to show ya the ropes!

What is your job in the AF?
unfortunately you are just a bit late for this year the draw is this friday April 28th. you can still put in for the antlerless if you like. as for next year the Utah deer hunt is a crap shoot at best if you put in for a general season permit they split the state into 5 regions (you live in the north region) the Utah Fish and game then draws 2 permits for each deer so that any where you go on a general season hunt looks like a pumpkin patch on opening morning. there are a couple of Premium units that they actualy manage (1)the Henry Mtn. and the (2)Paunsaugunt.
the Elk are a different story in Utah they have been managed instead of mismanaged like our deer for decades.several good units are the Wasatch,Manti,Pahvant and if you have access to horses the Book Cliff roadless is excellent. as for coyotes get as far away from Hill AFB as possible and good luck, there are almost as many coyote hunters in Utah as deer hunters not to mention the Government trappers that knock the heck out of the populations as well,your best bet on coyotes is to try Idaho or Wyoming they are only a short drive from Hill.good luck
It's beautiful here, but the hunting can be a bit competitive. The general season deer tags are on a draw, which has passed. There are typically leftover tags available for the northern region. Despite the amount of hunters afield, I have had good success in this area. Near the Jordanelle reservoir.

The archery deer tags are statewide. There are usually tags remaining after the draw. The archery tags also have extended areas which can be hunted 'til the end of the year.

The elk tags are purchased over the counter. I believe they go on sale june tenth. The elk units are broken into spike and any bull.

Run a search for utah dwr. You will find the Division of Wildlife Resources website. The site is easy to navigate. You can find a list of remaining tags, and where and when to buy. Big game proclamations are available at all the sporting good stores, department stores, etc. These contain maps and descriptions of all the hunting areas.

Hunting coyotes here is tough. They are so call shy they drop a rabbit and duck if it screams. I kill a few here every year. Mostly I just go for the sake of going. Nevada has a lot of dogs. There are a few red fox here, especially near water. They can be easier to hunt.

If you've never hunted elk and mulies before you're in for a treat. And the country is spectacular. I would be happy to show you some good places to hunt.
Grit, that would be great if you could show me some places and give me some pointers, for this will be my first time mule deer or elk hunting. All i have ever done is whitetale back home on private land so hunting on public land will be new to me too. Let me know something.
Never hunted public land? Wow! You're in for an eye opener! I think if you hurry you can get a northern deer tag. Just so you know what you're buying, success rates run around 25% on general season units. My father drew a northern tag. So, I'll be there. I'd be glad to show you around in the next few months. I've got a lot of scouting to do myself.

Send me an e-mail, and I'll give you my number. And answer whatever questions you have. [email protected]
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