Central Oregon sportsmans show


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Dec 23, 2009
LaPine Or.
Anybody on here going to the Sportsmans Show in Redmond Oregon in March, or the RMEF dinner in April?
Just wondering. Its always interesting to me to put a name to a face.
Ill be at the Sportsmans Show least 1 or 2 days with my wife and kids, and the RMEF dinner with my wife.
Not sure if I can make it this year but I'll PM you in advance if I can. I've got a Sturgeon trip on my calender at the same time. Are they having the big horn contest again?
Dont know, I just moved to Centeral Oregon, and Bought a house in Redmond. Im from Baker County origionaly, so its all new to me.
Just saw the commercial, and ya theyll have the horn contest again this year. Is anyone besides me from L/R/H gonna be there?
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