CenterPoint Scopes?


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Nov 15, 2009
Just wondering.... I was walkin around Walmart the other day and they have these 4-16x40 Mildot Centerpoint scopes, with rings, target turrets, and lense covers for $70....also has a lifetime warrenty

Are these worth the $70? I was thinkin about getting one and mountin it on my new Savage 204 Ruger to get me by until I can get a Leupold or Burris for it.

Than mounting it on a 22lr after I get a quality scope for the 204.
70 bucks for everything WOW! I'm not familiar with Centerpoint so about all I can say is for the money I don't see how there could be IMHO reasonable quality...You usually get what you pay for. Did you look through them...if so what did you think...If not I would and then compare it to some of the high quality name brands.
Couldnt look through them as they are in a plastic wrapped thing. There are good reviews of it on of those guys probably think they are good because it looks "tactical" and know very little about good optics. I am use to using Burris, Nikon, and Leupold scopes...but on the other hand I have BSA, Bushnell, and Mueller scopes, mostly on 22lrs and Handi Rifles. Figured I would ask here as someone might have one on a 22 or something and be able to give an honest opinion of it, because probably everyone here is a shooter and know something about good glass.

I agree you get what you pay for....but thought maybe these could be the exception?
dk17hmr, I kinda assumed from your first post that scopes may be an area where you may not have alot of knowledge. Since seeing your last post obviously that's not the own quiet a few and a nice variety so I'm sure you know what to look for. Let us know if you eventually are able to look through one of their scopes and your thoughts.:)
After thinkin about it most of the day, I think I will just save/spend the money on reloading supplies. I am going home for Christmas, I will just snag a scope off one of my rifles still in Michigan.

Still am intersted in hearing anything pro or con about the CenterPoint....future reference.
I bought a Centerpoint 4-16X40 Mildot last Christmas and mounted it on my Ruger 10/22 Target Rifle with good results !!!!! It shoots and maintains Zero at 50yds, with 5-shot groups measuring .250" Good clear glass with repeatable clicks and Zero return, no problems so far !!!!!! A friend of mine bought one and put on his Savage 10 .223 Rem and has had no problems with Repeatability or holding Zero !!!!! Very Good Value for the Buck !!!!!
Hope this helps !!!!!!!!!!!
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They are supposed to be good for the money. There are alot of air gun people who swear by them. one is gonna go on my RWS 850 when I get back to the states next week.
Good to know. I'm thinking maybe I'll check one out...may be worth my time and $.
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To be honest, I think they are used more because they are airgun springer rated, and can be bought with milk and underwear, more than the fact that they are absolutely the best scope. The price at wally world seems to be about $20 less than online retailers.
I agree on them being $20.00 cheaper than online !!!! And 10-4 on them being purchased along with milk and underwear !!!! I was'nt saying that they are the best choice's in Optics, I was just stating what I knew about them, from a first hand experience. I have LR Leupys, German Zeiss and other high end optics, that are far superior in quality. But these optics are a darn good (bang for the buck) !!!!
Ok, I'll admit that a couple of years ago I bought two of these puppies at a gun show just to see (the guy gave me a money back guarentee and he had a brick and morter store).

I have a 2-7 x 40 Mil DOT with lighted retical and without the tac knobs. This lives on my CZ 22 Hornet. Front objective is adjustable for parallex.

I have a 6-24 x 50 with the mil dots, lighted retical, and tac knobs. I really do use it on my .223 mouse gun (24" 1:8 twist airguage barrel).

Both have repeatable adjustments (not NF but varmint accurate). Mil Dots are on (more or less) at 10x. Green and red lighted reticals have made last light and first light varmints accountable. Front adjustable parallex adjustment is pretty close to right on as printed. Focus's are ok. Both hold their zero when firing and even after multiple transports on the floor of my truck (soft cased).

Would I count on these to take 1000 adjustments to the top turret without the turret breaking? No. Would I want these to be my only scopes if my food or survival was counting on it? No. Do they perform really pretty well for what they are? Yes.

If you just need a working scope for non-critical shooting and life will not end when/if a knob falls off, then, go for it. I have had zero issues with mine.

2 cents worth. thanks rc
I took my first scope back to Walmart, but the second one works fine. It is really clear during the day, and the 16x is great for sparrows in trees. The mag ring has a finger that sticks out so it is easy to adjust magnification.10 for spotting, and 16 for shooting is nice.
I picked up one of these last night for my 22lr. Picked it up to try out, the rabbits around here have been getting shot at quite a bit and when you kick them out they dont stop for 75-100 yards...hard to hit a rabbit with rough irons on my Henry Lever.

I mounted it last night and ran out and sighted it in this morning. For a $70 scope I am pretty impressed with it. Doesnt hold a candle to my Leupolds, Weaver T36, or my Burris' scope but its a pretty nice scope. I like the turrets and mildots. Should be very usefull on my truck gun.
They work out alright.

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