Carrying a handgun while wearing a pack.

Eberlestock Nosegunner. 4in 1911 In the back with full size binos inside.


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It all depends on the trip, how long, etc. Do you have molle or is it on your belt or chest? Do your Bino's get in the way of the gun if you have to draw quickly? So many options. I choose a situational rig. Not just one pack, not just one setup. Personally, I carry 1911's .45 ACP which may not be the preference for some. That's ok. Straight draw or cross draw? Where are the extra magazines and are they fully accessible? The only important points are, if necessary, can you be comfortable and be ready to draw quickly and hit the target when it hits the fan. I previously stated my preference. Molle attach on the waist band. Gun on one side, magazines on the other. Enjoy!
I thought this was interesting. Just received it. Sure, it can carry 100's of rounds of ammo, but the pockets are somewhat universal. Plus with all of the molle on the back you can attach necessities. I'm thinking it's very flexible so I can carry Eberlestock attachments and customize for the task at hand. Very well made 1000 denier. I get no compensation from them.
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I used this during archery elk last year. Great idea, however it needs some fine tuning. I am 5'10" and mounted it to the bottom of my AGC bino harness. The razco hung down so low the back of it would sit over the top of my backpack waist belt and makes a fair amount of noise while hiking. While sitting it would dig into my groin/thighs and was uncomfortable. I simply abandoned ship half with it way through the hunt. It was more hassle than what it was worth. If you glued some felt to the back of the holster that would prevent the noise from riding on top of the waist belt. Or, if you are taller than 6 feet it will definitely sit higher. I wouldn't recommend it for someone with no beer belly and shorter than 5'10".

The next thing I try will be the holster behind the AGC harness.
Kenai is really the only way to go IMO, unless you really want to keep the gun concealed - in which case a HPG kit bag is gonna be your huckleberry.
I have had good luck with a paddle harness in the hip belt. My preferred method is a web style belt, with a blade tech locking loop and 2" drop with a safariland holster. The pack belt sits on top my hips, belt and pants sit just at my hips so I end up with plenty of clearance and no overlap.


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I recently got a Mystery Ranch Sawtooth 45. I’m wondering, how are you all carrying handguns while wearing frame packs? The gun I’m looking to carry is a 1911 10mm 5” barrel. An accessible spare magazine would be nice too. I also wear a bino harness, so that cancels out a chest rig (I think). Thanks in advanced for any help.
I carry on my chest or belly....