Carbon Express Maxima Red 350 with Magnus Stinger Broadhead 150 grain?


Oct 28, 2020
Hi to all the respected, experienced members.

As a total newbie I was hoping to ask for some advice. Due to covid there is a shortage of arrows that I can source.

Do the experienced members here think the above arrows connected to the Magnus Stinger broadhead 150 grain are good enough for hunting big game or do you think this is out of date/not adequate for big game?

I have read conflicting opinions whereby some say the weight/kinetic energy is more important than using a light carbon fast traveling arrow. Then others showed figures that beyond a certain distance it all evens out, irrespective of whether you use a heavy slow travelling aluminum arrow or a fast light carbon arrow.

Sorry, I should also clarify that this is not the Maxima Red SD arrow. It is the Maxima red 350. Thank you.

As I mentioned I am totally new to both the conventional compound bow, as well as the crossbow (I recently bought both). Then I am also new at this site and not sure if it is against the rules to also post this same question at the forum: "Hunting Bog Game"?. If so, then I must sincerely apologize (I was unsure whether I must post this questions under "Bowhunting" OR "Hunting Big game"?

Many thanks again for your kind understanding.

Best regards

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