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    Apr 29, 2012
    I must be getting a little older[​IMG], finaly decided the 50yo external frame tent just isn't going to get anymore for hunting. While it's get for a quick setup, and packing in, 3 people max and no room for anything more than a propane space heater (not a good thing ever) I'm finaly going to bite the bullet and get something a little more roomy and comfy. Room for a stove and maybe 6 people. The sucky part is your looking at $1200 min no matter which way you go with it. I did find a package deal though that would meet what I want, all I'll have to add is 2 more cots and good sleeping bags.

    Here's tho old guy I've had for ever. (found it in a dumpster with 1 peice of the frame missing and 2 small tears in the floor, easy fixes:D and it's still in pretty good shape.

    one of the 12x14 will probably replace it
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