Can anyone recommend an attorny....


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Dec 1, 2007
Sagauache County, Co...3170 sq miles, not a single
......In the Barstow California area that handles gun related crimes? My buddy just got arrested for the heinous crime of smuggling aluminum cans into the state, and during the arrest a loaded .22 pistol was found in his vehicle. He is now charged with conspiracy to commit grand theft, loaded weapon in a vehicle, and having a loaded weapon during the commission of a felony. If anyone has a name and number of a good attorny in the area i would sure appreciate the help. AJ
any decent attorney will get all charges thrown out, but the concealed loaded weapon in California is going to be an issue.they have a whole section in their penal code on just what constitutes a firearm.they've legislated themselves into hell and all for revenue, i wish your friend luck.
The cans won't be a big deal...the pistol and loaded...that's a big deal in the Libby state. I know 2 very good lawyers but they're on the east coast. Hopefully someone here on LRH from that neck of the woods will know one and respond. Good luck.
I believe you can look up NRA recommened lawyers. Don't remember if it is on there site. Can he get a lawyer from Colorado to take the case?
lawyers generally charge from office to office. SO his bill is going to be huge if he has to pay them to travel much. I'd try to get the best attorney he can that is reasonably close to the court he needs to attend.
The defendent can get a lawyer from whatever state he chooses so long as that lawyer is licensed to practice in California and in good standing with the California courts. Unless there was some compelling reason to have an out of state the defendent knows this particular lawyer can work miracles then I think it's best to go with a reputable lawyer within the general jurisdiction who is intimitly familar with those judges that may hear the case. It goes without saying but, Ideally this attorney should be familar with and litigated such cases.
i agree.....thats why i was inquiring. i thought maybe soemone from there might know of one to reccomend, otherwise it will be just pick one from the yellow pages. my advise to him was to get an appointment with the DA and try to get him to reduce these charges to misdemeanors and let him pay a fine. all this over a garbage can full of alluminum ... what a joke....AJ
dogdinger, NRA recommending a lawyer in LA I would think is better than the yellow pages especially if the lawyer they reccomend they have used or are familar with. Couple of questions:

-Beyond a reccomendation: what did you think the NRA should do.?

-Aluminum cans: misdemeanor or felony and what degree?

-Loaded concealed pistol: Felony what degree?
a lawyer commuting from LA @ 200 bucks an hr would cost him everything he has in the world....

i believe the charges are all felonies. the charge as i understand it is Conspiracy to commit grand theft, even though he never sold the cans.

the first gun charge was "loaded gun in a vehicle"

second charge was " having a gun during the commision of a felony" IE: smuggling alluminum cans

i think if it were me i would defend myself at a jury trial and count on getting sensible people on the jury. (if there are any in CA)

be aware that this is what you get when you elect liberals and idiots to run a state. i know i am preaching to the choir, but we need to take our country back from this kind of injustice. AJ
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