Butler Creek Flip Up Covers


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Aug 1, 2009
Pleasant Dale, NE
Hello everyone,
I have a savage 338 edge with a muzzle brake. My problem is that i have broke off 2 front flip up lenses. Was wondering if you guys that run these large calibers with brakes have this issue?

It's not the caliber, it's the durability of the covers. I broke 3 of the **** things on a 280AI and finally gave up on them. Got a scopecover and haven't looked back. My son busted 2 of them on his leupold and finally bit the bullet and bought Leo aluminum flip cover. No problem after that. If you're going to keep using them you might as well buy them 3 at a time and always carry a spare.

I have a cheap pair of binocs I carry in my pickup, put butler creeks on the eye pc. and both sides have went to hell. Plastic hinges just don't cut it.
Durability is an understatement.

I have/had a set on both ends of a scope on a 223 SIG. One day of hunting with a ghillie suit and the caps didn't last a half day.:rolleyes:

Carried the rifle a bit with caps flipped up. Guess they snagged on the suit.:rolleyes:

Going back to my old way of protecting lens from rain and snow.
I'm on an elk/deer hunt in Challis Idaho and I have broke 2 rear lens caps in the last few days. I think they get damaged while carrying the rifle through the creek bottoms. Mike
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