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Aug 31, 2002
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I was wondering about a problem I have discovered with ONE of my Bushnell SpacemasterII spotting scopes. It is one of the older ones,Gray in color with out the peep sight. The problem is when I put a 22x W.A. eye piece(any I have several)the scope will not focus out past about 500 yds. The focuse knob is at it's limit. All the other power eyepieces I have work fine on that scope. I was thinking about sending it back to the factory to have it looked at and IF possible repaired. Has any one else run into this with any other scopes? IF so what was your answer to the problem. I am also on a budget so buying a new scope is out. Note I have three other spacemasterII's and they ALL work grate with the 22xW.A eyepiece. Thanks.

Try unscrewing the tube and taking out the plastic spacer that is about half way up the tube assembly, if that one has the spacer. Some did, some didn't.

I had to do that with the ones I put turrets on because of the focal length change.

If they don't have the spacer, you may have eyepieces that were designed for the Spacemasters that do. In that case, I may have some and will have to look.
Are they "Swift" eyepieces?

Problem resolved. Thank you again!!!!
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