burris eliminator 111

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  1. lbarger

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    Dec 30, 2012
    trying to decide between huskemaw blue diamond and burris eliminator 111 for long range accuracy on my 7 stw. seems that with the burris you can eliminate hand held rangefinder? hope this works i am new on this forumgun)lbarger
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    Jul 18, 2005
    Welcome to LRH. Great place here.
    I havent held either scope in my fat hands so get a grain of salt. Husky is well reveiwed by folks I trust so I would say its a good option. The burris unit is what the future looks like. Of course the first nav units in cars were junk also so be careful. The concept of the burris and the addition of 1200 yd range on animals+ an autocalculated elevation solution and weather corrections and windage calls combined with a horus reticle make it "If in working condition" the deadliest quickest scope currently for sale. This is the wave of the future but its a $1500 gamble to see if they hit it right. I may try it out this summer. A lot of guys wont agree for many reasons but if these things will work as advertised and be reliable I would take that system over anything out there. Even if the RF messed up you still have a horus reticle with 1200+ yd capability. This is a 3rd gen scope so maybe the bugs are worked out. Are you a gambler? Ive always been a gambler I bought the 1st LRF in my part of the state, 1st shepherd(yes I am older than 20 lol) and 1st nightforce. 2 outa 3 aint bad even though Im known locally for being a liar for a few years till other guys started killing stuff at 300 with inlines and 1k with a rifle. Its just kind of a $1500 roulette spin till some of them get beat up inj a truck for 4 months.
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    Mar 17, 2010
    My brother in law has one and they work very well. If you dont like it, I will buy it from you, as I have a buddy that wants one at a used price of course:)