Burris Black Diamond 4X-16X-50 mil-dot + PosiLock

I have a pentax lightseeker 30 which is basically the same scope. If you are looking at the new side focus then my info will not apply.

Mine is the older style of front AO. The knobs are good and seem to track well. Optically, not as good as the B&L 4200 or Nikon Monarchs (very little is). A bit yellow in colour. The reticle is very nice and the dots are clear.

A big heavy scope that seems to work quite well. The part that really I hate is that the knob has 8.5min per revolution. Which moron figured that out?

Other then that, I am happy. For a LR scope, it has enough elevation to be effective. The quality seems to be there but I have not used it in a hunting situation. Optics are very useable but not as good as I would expect for the money.

If elevation is not that big a concern, I would go with the B&L 4200 4X16 or 6X24, or a Nikon monarch 6.5X20 or 4X16. Less money, better optically, and much 'smarter' knobs.

OK thanks
putting togather my first rifle like the Bushnell 4-16x50mm Elite 4200 http://www.opticsplanet.net/bushnell-4-16x50-elite.html
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