Bullets - Variation w/in a box of 100


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Jun 24, 2009
It's too dang hot to do anything outdoors today so I decided to see what kind of weight variation I had in a new box of 130 grn bullets. I was a bit surprised with what I found:

129.5 gr 1
129.6 gr 2
129.7 gr 1
129.8 gr 10
129.9 gr 21
130.0 gr 24
130.1 gr 19
130.2 gr 17
130.3 gr 5

Total 100

I guess what surprised me is I expected to see a little taller bell shaped curve and one that wasn't shifted to the high side.

Is this pretty normal? What do you do with the outliers +/- .2 grs?
not too surprising

weight is less of an issue than bearing surface and meplat uniformity provided that the bullets are well balanced

I've seen up to .8 grain extreme spread from a box of 500 142 SMKs which I sorted and grouped by bearing surface length

and, it was a pretty tight bell curve around the mean as I recall

-- richard
Testing for accuracy, I've shot 30 caliber Sierra 155's with 8/10ths grain spread in weight into sub 1/2 MOA at 800 yards. And 30 caliber 190's and 200's into sub 1/2 MOA at 1000; they also had 8/10ths grain spread in weight. Not one of all these bullets had a nose job nore were sorted by bearing length. But they did have up to 3/1000ths runout stuck in case mouths.
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