Bullet run-out

Capt Kurt

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Sep 10, 2009
After many years of reloading and trying many methods to make the perfect round we some times find the simplest is the best. After reading questions on this forum, many understand run-out issues but don't know how to correct this condition. This condition occurs on most factory ammo and handloads. The act of aligning the bullet and the neck of the casing to follow the same axis is very simple and plays one of the biggest roles in tight bullet groupings. Many tools are available from manufacturers, however most are expensive and time consuming. I have developed a method that is both quick and at no cost for correcting bullet run-out. My method requires any run-out gage, i use rcbs case master and my own secret tool. With some practice you will be correcting bullet run-out to less then .002, most to.001 with properly prepared casings. Your groups will tighten and your pocket book will be the better for it. E-mail me and i will tell you my secret. Capt kurt
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