BSA, 6 - 24x40mm (or 50mm).


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Sep 2, 2001
Gran, Norway.
I know, i know, i know!! I probably get what i pay for, BUT:
Can anybody tell me that the experiece is about this scopes. I consider to use this on my 22-250. Is this a very, very bad choice??

I have no first hand experience with them, but my brother owned one. He put it on a 243 and the scope only lasted a few rounds and the rifle could not be sighted in after that. He sent the scope back to the company and received a new one. When he pulled the brand new scope out of the box, there was a distinctive rattle in the scope. One of the lenses had come loose inside, and this was a brand new (never been mounted) scope. He sent that one back to the company and they sent another new one. He turned around and sold it without opening.

Based on that I would not reccommend one.


I had a BSA platnium series 6x24x40mm on a 300WM I bought as an entire set-up. I was fine for the first 20 rounds, then changed zero after every shot, would not track and generally went to crap. The recoil from 25 200gr HSM match grades took it apart inside.. If I didn't get it free, I wouldn't have another one.

I have also heard negative reports on the BSA line of scopes. There are no good cheap scopes. By good, I mean one that will not only hold position, but track consistantly. The Tasco is a better scope in that price range but still not good. For about $275, you can get a Weaver V series which are great scopes for the money. Check out and
I have one that I first thought was a fine scope. It did not take long for it to start falling apart. To make a long story short, buy a better scope you will be much happier in the long run since you will end up buying a better scope down the road anyway. I understand that some of the older BSA scopes were made in Japan and that they were good bit better than the newer ones.
If you check out Sportsman's Guide, There's a Simmons Whitetail 6.5-20x50 that's usually on sale for $140 or so. I think Nazchez has them on sale for even less sometimes. I have one on a .243 IMP and it's been working fine. Seems to hold zero, and the optics, while not awsome, are better than every other scope I've looked through in that price range.
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For gosh sakes, how many times does this make. I bought a BSA deerhunter 3-10x50 a couple of years ago. Never ever missed a deer. Loved the scope for the price. Last year at this time I bought a BSA 8.5-34x52 Platinum Series Scope. Beautiful scope and deadly. Still haven't missed a deer. If your looking for competitive accuracy, buy a leupold. If you are poor like me and want to kill some deer, buy a BSA. Thats all I have to say.
I have a 6-18X40 on my 22-250. The scope has worked great for me. I have also shot over 1000 rounds through my gun with this scope without any problems. I have a new 8.5-25x50 leupold I though about puting on my 22-250 but if it works, and its not broke, then why fix it.
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