Browning X-bolt hells canyon long range 7mm rem mag


Oct 22, 2020
I am new to the forum and recently purchased a Browning X-bolt hells canyon long range 7mm rem mag. I have a leupold 4-20 x 52 vx5 hd mounted on tally rings. Hoping to set this up for shooting steel out to 1000 yards plus hunting deer and moose in northern canada. I have looked for several hours online to try and find some idea of what powder, bullet, primer and case works well in this gun. I am hoping to use bonded bullets to cover deer and moose in short and long range applications. Without going out and buying a bit of everything has anyone worked up a combination that works well in this gun and will give me a starting point to try, and tweak if necessary to get desired accuracy. Also want to get the custom dial for the scope once i get an accurate load worked out.
Thanks for any info that can be passed along.

DJ Fergus

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Dec 25, 2015
Welcome from Alabama.
160-168 grain bullets are going to be most likely to shoot well. 175 and up to 180s may possibly shoot just as good for you also. Retumbo is what I use. I ran 160-168gr bullets around 3040-3060 fps and accuracy was good there. I currently shoot 180s at 2860 fps with good accuracy there. I think many of use here have different opinions on bullet style/construction. I know you want to shoot bonded bullets. I usually don't shoot bonded bullets but If I were going to, I would probably try a 168 or 175 accubond LR. Many members here shoot berger bullets because they are very consistent and it shows on the target. I shoot ELD-M bullets, they are close to the bergers as far as consistency. As far as brass goes, I use nosler because it is very consistent. If I were to buy more brass today, it would hands down be ADG because it is also very consistent but tougher. CCI 250s or federal 215 primers should work well for you. Some powders are hard to find right now. If I couldn't find retumbo, I would give ramshot magnum a try. RL26, H1000, would be worth a try if you can find them.


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