Browning Dura Touch

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  1. jpbaker

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    Feb 15, 2011

    Just wondering if anyone has a rifle with the Dura Touch coating on it.

    I have heard some mixed reviews recently in regards to a peeling problem, and I have a new browning with digital camo dura touch, but now im wondering if I need to "baby" it like some locals are telling me.

    Im a little concerned.

    Let me know your experiences/reviews......

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  2. bs911

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    Oct 1, 2010
    I have the x-bolt composite stalker... which according to Browning's site is the Dura-Touch Armor Coating.

    I have not heard of or experienced any peeling. I've used and hunted with it for only 2 seasons now so it isn't exactly long term results. I have actually had to open up inside the fore-end of the stock a bit as the barrel does start touching when hot. But even around the edges where things were sanded I don't see any sign of peeling.

    I will say that the coating feels exactly as advertised though. I spend most of my hunting time in a blind, but it wasn't until I was out creeping through the woods in a cold rain when I realized just how nice that coating felt. It doesn't get slippery at all and actually caught my attention how good it still DID feel.