Bro's Wasatch Bull


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Mar 14, 2021
This year my brother finally drew a much anticipated Wasatch early rifle bull tag after 18 years of waiting. We grew up hunting the Wasatch and he has been dreaming of hunting a mature bull there for a long time. Years ago I moved down South and we starting hunting some other states, so we had not hunted the Wasatch since 2012. After he drew the tag my brother and I made a couple summer trips up to get reacquainted with the areas we used to hunt. One thing is for sure, there is way more traffic on the Wasatch than I ever remember and it seemed tougher to find elk than it used to be. We did find a few groups of elk in the summer and we believed we would find elk fairly easy come September. Well, we went up two day before the hunt to find again a lot of traffic and not many bulls. We went to our old haunts expecting to find elk, but we found people and no elk. We kept pushing and expanding our hunting area to new areas and starting turning up some bulls. We got to learn some new areas and found a bull my brother was happy to take. Overall we were satisfied with the hunt and even though we did not find elk where we did in the past we still found multiple bulls in a few days of scouting and hunting.
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Congratulations! Patience and persistence pays off.

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