wasatch mountains Salt lake #628


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Oct 14, 2007
Sandy Utah
Any one hunt this unit for antlerless elk on the Dec. 19 to Jan 31 hunt
Me and the wife drew this and could use some advice on the best place to look this winter or team up on a hunt I have acouple horse or four wheelers if applicable and I live next to Dimple Dell in Sandy.
One thing that cracks me up is the unit boundries is down to 1300 east I have lived here 3 years now and have not seen an elk in town? weird though

Any response appreciated

sid nelson


Aug 24, 2008
I just looked at your boundry area. Best I can say is good luck. That said, your looking at a lot of private land and steep nasty area. You have horses, may want to look around the lone peak area if you can access. I would wait till it gets closer, wait till snow get's deeper then go look around. Deep snow will bring em down that time of year and they may be easier to spot.

Of course a contradiction to what I just said, go look around now in your area. Just the bowhunters out there now, that way you can get an idea of what your in for and where to go. This unit is not big enough to get too lost in. You should be able to find the elk now and keep an eye on them.