Brian’s Idaho 6x6 Bull Elk

And I thought there were no longer any nice bulls in Idaho. I am wrong. Congrats.
You are right about that.

My son killed this one the year before last less than 100 yards from where Brian killed his.

300 WM. Hamer Hunter 199. Did the job.


This one taped the same as Brian's. Both are excellent trophies.

There are plenty of big bulls in Idaho. You need to know where to look. And we're not telling you where that is.


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Well now there isn't lol.....not really. I think we have about 5 but the wolves and fish and game are working on it..
I and those of us who hunt Idaho know that's not true.

This is three weeks after the end of elk season. Several nice bulls haven't left this herd yet. The successful bulls leave the breeding herds to recover.


You won't see this many when the season opens. They read the regs.
I live and hunt in Idaho with a large network of friends and hunters.... We all know there's some nice bulls here but it ain't like there was even prior to 2010..... The picture you sent just confirms that because I see actually no nice bull in that but then again the definition of a nice bull up to each to interpret I guess. If you really thought my post meant a literal five bullls then sorry for the miscommunication it was a joke.
Sorry, I overreacted to the irony. Idaho is still a great place to hunt. I agree they tend to get pushed onto private land where the hunting pressure is less or into the deep forest during hunting season.

That herd does have at least three decent bulls in the back. Unusual for this time of year since the successful bulls get pretty beat up and are recovering in the deep timber after the rut.

A decent bull where we hunt is 6 x 6 or bigger. We see a dozen or more every year.

Don't give up on hunting Idaho. It's a great place for big game. There is a reason Ernest Hemingway chose Idaho over Wyoming and Montana.