BP long range hunting?

steve smith

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Jul 4, 2001
San Antonio, Texas
I know that most every one here is familiar with the larger magnums used for taking game 30or338 loudnboomer super magnum, but has any one here ever used one of the grandfather BP cartridges (38-55,45-70,45-120,50-90 or other) to take game at extended ranges.

Now I'm not speaking of 1-2K yd shot but say 4-800 yards. White tail would be kind of a small target but I would think that a bull elk/moose or a bison could be taken. Using hard cast bullets in the 500gr range would do some real damage even on out there.
I was just down in Grandfield, Oklahoma at BadLands Tactical Training Center and there were two fella shooting BP cartridge guns to 900 yards. Ivan was shooting a 45 caliber (45-70 or 45-90) and Leo was shooting a 40-65. They were using thier standard silhouette loads and tang sights and hitting well enough to shoot kill zone on deer sized game at distances further than 500 yards.

I don't believe they'd have any problems on deer to 500 or 600 and elk and larger game further out. They were shooting some pretty impressive groups and very heavy lead bullets (400 grain lead and heavier I believe).
Yea, remember reading that those old buffalo hunters got great results from some of those cartridges. Haven't used any myself, however.
Yea well I want one or two OK maybe three. I would be getting one if Browning hadn't discontinued the BPCR 1885 single shot.
I'd have gotten two in 45-70 and have one rechambered to 45-120. Get one Original Hunter in 38-55win, but they discontinued that one too. Would of had me a nice set of BP rifles that could keep me busy for a good while. I currently have a 270win in the 1885 high wall, and like it to much to tear it up just yet. Maybe in a few years it might become that 45-70 or 45-120, then again maybe not.
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