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Jun 26, 2022
So i just got a new christensen traverse and was thinking about putting a dbm bottom on it, now on christensens website they sell em but it asks if i want long action aics tactical or hunter and aics cip tactical or hunter, my traverse is in 7mm rem mag and is mainly gonna be used for plinking targets with the rare hunt possible, which of these would i need for it?
This Remington 700 compatible bottom metal allows quick loading/unloading via removable AICS patterned magazines (Not included). The tactical model utilizes a paddle-style mag release (top) while the Hunter version uses a magazine release (bottom) inside the trigger guard.


^^ who makes those sable? I like the Hunter release.

Hawkins makes an m5 version that is similar but not exact. I like those and use them when m5 is appropriate.
Those photographs are right off of the Christensen Arms website. As to which company manufacturers them CA, I don't know.

I was just illustrating the difference between the two nomenclatures.

I believe the difference in the latching systems is the tactical one hangs down for fast and simple mag changes. The hunter is shielded in the trigger guard to prevent it from coming out when prone on something. Cip is longer length for the biggest cartridges, like the lapua, and the ultramag. A 7mm mag isnt the longest cartridge, i would think the long action would be enough.